Premiere: Bosq feat. Kaleta – Liars & Thieves (Afro Disco Dub)

As one half of the Whiskey Barons, and through his own solo ventures, Bosq explores sounds from around the work with a sturdy funk backbone running throughout. Two years after his debut album for Ubiquity, he returns to the Cali imprint with a second long player that draws on influences from the African and Latin diaspora, fusing it alongside funk, house and disco.

Over the 11 tracks of Celestial Strut, Bosq would be forgiven for relying heavily on sampling, but much of the instrumentation was recorded himself, showcasing his dense appreciation and understanding for global sounds. Transcending the constraints of a single genre, tracks like ‘Bad For Me’ and ‘Celestial Strut’ effuse a strong disco feel, while Latin inspiration can be heard on ‘Ella and ‘Cumbia En Bahia’.

Stand out for us, ‘Liars and Thieves (Afro Disco Dub)’ does exactly what it says on the tin. Featuring the Fela-esque vocals of Kaleta, Bosq channels the highlife spirit through a cohesive arrangement of instruments. The track begins with Brazilian style drums, a funky bass and enriching saxophone riffs complimented by jazzy piano chords. Winter may be approaching but it is impossible to feel gloomy with Celestial Strut. Bosq has captured the soul and essence of those he draws inspiration from and has produced something that is authentic and blissfully content.

Celestial Strut is out 16 October via Ubiquity in digital and vinl format. Pre-order on Bandcamp or from the Ubiquity shop.

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