Tenderlonious – Nobody Else EP

As the founding member of London label 22aTenderlonious typifies the collective’s inventive approach to electronic music, eschewing tempo boundaries to explore a jazz-laden aesthetic in many different contexts.

His newest record, the Nobody Else EP, is being released on Osunlade’s Yoruba Records, who have built up a reputation for showcasing sounds from all corners of the globe. While Tenderlonious may be based in London, his influences certainly match Yoruba’s, casting the net much further afield to his immediate surroundings. ‘Mind That Window’ and ‘Without You’ have jazz flutes as their centerpieces, ‘Sula’ has a cowbell-heavy samba beat held together on top of a wicked bassline that jumps around the mix with a jazzy skip in its step, and ‘Brother Yusef’ is built around the type of high-pitched string that you could imagine Theo Parrish EQing to within an inch of its life during one of his marathon DJ sets.

These four experimental cuts are bookended by two more straightforward house jams. The title track is a slow burning affair that reaches a crescendo as the keys are teased to the forefront of the mix over the course of six minutes, with a stoned sense of restraint that allows Tenderlonious’s flourishes to wash over you. The final song, ‘You Were My Number 1’, is the standout piece. With similarities to Seven Davis Jr. Tenderlonious crafts the sort of heartfelt, funk-oozing slow jam that the Ninja Tune artist has made his forte. The attention to the detail in the keys stamps Tenderlonious’s trademark on the piece, as he finishes the record in style.

Nobody Else EP is out 16th October.

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