Premiere: Loz Goddard – Fifth Flight

With a new EP due out on Secret Reels, Manchester’s Loz Goddard slides in under the closing door of summer desperate to keep its spirit alive for a few more weeks. Our highlight is the slow-burning ‘Fifth Flight’, six minutes of bleary peaks and troughs that hark back to those warm afternoons and light, hazy evenings.

An uncertain kick-drum skips and stumbles into prominence from beneath a murky mist of synths and it quickly becomes apparent that something is building to a silky crescendo. As the track fulfils this prophecy, a glorious cacophony of bright cymbal sounds crash around a sharp beat, contrasting the soft chords and keyboard licks. The vocal lead signifies the release of every build up, a soaring soulful cry breaking free of the synth-clogged canopy, letting the warm breeze in. Any fans of Fouk or Session Victim will surely enjoy this EP, all four tracks delivering more swing than a hammock on a hot day.

Loz Goddard – Whisper To Me EP is out 26th October via Secret Reels. Pre-order now from Juno and Piccadilly.

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