Alfresco Disco presents Tunnel Vision


Building on the huge success of their last endeavour, taking bus-loads of revellers to the Grand Pier in Weston-Super-Mare, Alfresco Disco have just announced their latest event. Celebrating ten years of mischief-making around Bristol, they have organised a year of events on a grand scale, even by their standards.

The last event, ‘Rave of the Decade’, showcased the lengths to which the team go to organise what are known as some of the best parties in the South West. Headliners like Eats Everything and A Guy Called Gerald were joined by a full cast of residents and friends and, in keeping with their ethos, no lineup announcements were made before the event and nobody even knew where the venue was until they had arrived.

For their next party, they’re bringing things closer to home, “closing a road, filling a tunnel with sound systems and mapping visuals onto one of the most iconic buildings in central Bristol”. Having peeped at the plans, that’s not an exaggeration.

It’s rare these days that events sell out before the lineup and venue is announced and, rarer still, for such a concept not to feel gimicky. Yet Alfresco Disco boldly defy both each time, and their parties remain some of the most original and exciting around.

First round of tickets have sold out already, remaining tickets for the next event are on sale here.

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