Admin – Flute Loops EP

Over the past few years, Bristol DJ and producer Admin has sprinkled a trail of musical breadcrumbs through numerous Bristolian imprints, revealing the part he’s played in the city’s expanding scene and output. His latest EP leaves another mark on his hometown, teaming up with Boogie Cafe Records, headed up by Jimmy The Twin and Naughty Alex. Their recent catalogue stays true to their name, with disco edits left, right and centre, but Admin’s release is more subdued; more ‘Café’ than ‘Boogie’ if you like.

The jittery swing of ‘Flute Loops’ asserts itself on the ears instantaneously, kicking the EP off with its confident groove. ‘Drifting Away’ is a lo-fi jazz-tinged excursion, the muffled thud of a dull kick punching through the crackle. The latter recreates the smokey environment of the jazz clubs it is referencing, sound turning to blue smoke in your brain until the brass solo pierces through it. Our highlight is ‘No Problemo’, with intricate percussion that waddles along to a cheery melody – reminiscent of Jack J or early Bonobo – and the flute melodies looping in the distance gives a sense of drifting away into the deep. It’s a fitting late summer release, but don’t think that suggests closure of any kind, as we hear Admin has plenty more to come.

Flute Loops EP is expected soon on vinyl via Boogie Café Records. Pre-order from Juno.

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