Premiere: Darnum Samp – Therm2

With only one album release on Bandcamp from 2012, and very little other info available online, all judgements about Californian duo Darnum Samp must be made based solely on their music. This is no bad thing, given that they sit on a forthcoming V/A release from Church, alongside other STW favourites FYI Chris and Project Pablo.

‘Therm2’ is a detailed, relaxed work with beautifully crafted snares and a real Mood Hut feel to its production and praise has to go to the A&Ring for this V/A for placing the track alongside another Canadian producer Project Pablo. Like PP’s debut album on 1080p, ‘Therm2’ is an ethereal affair; its flute-like synth work and crisp snares nodding towards a propulsive, room-filling sound, but one veiled in a haze and mystery. Low in the mix, under the track’s hypnotic riff, lies a growling bassline that adds a sense of weight and polish to the track, leaving a cut that would fit neatly into a set soulful disco or lo-fi house.

Church Volumes 001 is out on 16th October, pre-order now from Red Eye Records. Vakula joins Church for their next party in London on the same date. 

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