Premiere: Grant – Awful Truth

Mysterious new artist Grant releases his debut LP on the similarly enigmatic Lauren Bacall label. The Acrobat paints quite the atmospheric, sorrowful deep house on a canvas that certainly draws inspiration from Frank & Tony, with low slung hats, swirling dust-storm pad sounds and ambient textures that are dramatically pulled in by tractor-beam kick drums.

Our pick of the record, ‘Awful Truth’, lays down these conceptual fundamentals with a more garagey, swishy-swashy groove, the percussion lying under silky low-pass filter and plenty of bars padded out with ambient analogue goodness. This is deep house produced with sincerity and history in mind. It doesn’t attempt anything particularly new, but it does continue on a line previously drawn by 90’s New York labels like Main Street Records.

This LP has some great things on it, certainly a cut above a lot of “deep house by numbers” currently on the Juno bestsellers charts. It doesn’t beat around the bush with its “deep” intentions, but let it take you away with its carefully constructed atmospheres. Will we hear more from this new kid on the block, Grant? We certainly hope so.

Grant – The Acrtobat LP is out 21st September via The Lauren Bacall. Pre-order from Juno.

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