Fouk – Coconuts

Merging the flavours of Junktion and Daniel Leseman, Fouk amplifies everything they do as solo producers, cementing them at the forefront of the playful, deep house sound and firm club favourites. It’s no surprise then, that their next release due later this month, is no let up of the sun-kissed swing they have quickly become renowned for. Their sampling prowess decorates the main instrumentation tastefully, tapping mood but not invading the groove. Bright cymbal sounds flourish above gloopy chords while a dull kick thuds on. Our highlight, ‘Coconuts’ has all of this and more, its irresistible clatter destined for a warm reception on the floor.

Heavy On The Bacon EP is released via Room With A View on vinyl (14th September) and digital (2nd October). Pre-order now from Juno.

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