Alex Seidel – Money $ex 04

Money $ex Records, headed up by Max Graef, Delfonic and Glenn Astro, has gone from strength to strength since their killer debut release back in January 2015. The latest release on the label by newcomer Alex Seidel continues this trend and is sure to have heads nodding in awe worldwide.

Hip-hop provides the foundation of the EP, a trait of the previous Money $ex releases, although this might not be completely apparent from the first track, ‘Encounter’, where strange galactic sounds dominate a mellow humming melody. Things step up from there with ‘Groove Attack’. You are lulled into a false sense of security at the beginning of the track but as it builds and builds, achingly deep house vibes shine through with beautiful hypnotic synths and grooving bass all melting together in a warm summery vibration. To cap it all off Seidel lays spacey samples over this foundation resulting in a multilayered house/hip-hop fusion.

‘Boogie Down’ is a totally laid back house groove but still possesses that multi-layered tapestry of sounds and samples. Midnight Circle is a fine end to the EP and with sample jams and synth interludes beating down to create a funky yet futuristic take on house. Seidel’s skilful use of house grooves, off-centred beats and interjected samples makes for a unique sound yet still pays homage to hip-hop foundations.

Alex Seidel – Money $ex 04 is out soon. Pre-order from Oye Records.

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