Preview: ReviveHER 5th Birthday Funk Special


When: Friday 18th September
Where: Corsica Studios, London
Tickets: £15 (+ bf) [Fifth & final tier of tickets]

Following a party on a dilapidated love motel on the Thames back in August with DJ Nature and Suzanne Kraft, ReviveHER continue their momentum in style with 5th birthday celebrations on the 18th of September at Corsica Studios.

The musical concept of the night, The Five Funkateers, is both novel and musically enticing. The idea is a presentation of funk through the ages, from the 70’s boogaloo up though Chicago’s house and ghetto movements in the 80’s & 90’s to present day revivals through various genres. Taking you on this thematic journey is no easy task, but with Farley Jackmaster Funk, DJ Funk, FunkinEven, Interstellar Funk and Funkmaster Ozone (live) behind the controls, funk’s monumental legacy is in safe hands.

Farley and DJ Funk are pioneers who need little introduction within the house music canon. In fact, Farley lays claim to coining the term ‘house’ to describe music seeping out of Chicago in the early – mid 1980’s, and certainly put the sound on the map globally when he released ‘Love Can’t Turn Around‘ in 1986, hitting number 10 on Top of the Pops. DJ Funk, continuing the Windy Cities legacy in the successive decade, forged the ghetto house sound through DJ sets at The Factory and seminal releases on Jesse Saunders’ Dance Mania.

Legends from the past joined by producers with their fingers firmly on the pulse in the form of Apron Records head-honcho Funkineven and Interstellar Funk, who’s released on the criminally overlooked Tape Records. Rounding things of is a live set from Funkmaster Ozone who’s own musical background is rooted in his breakdancing and boogalooing.

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