Harvey Sutherland – That’s The Fact, Jack

Harvey Sutherland´s last release, Bermuda, on MCDE Recordings felt like a homecoming, with Danilo Plessow‘s Dutch label being an obvious choice for Sutherland’s propulsive, organic funk. As a label whose releases weave live instrumentation with sharper house elements, Sutherland’s compositions were a snug fit for the label’s aesthetic. In the eyes of some, a release on Plessow’s label was all but inevitable.

Here though, Sutherland steps out with a contribution to the Voltaire Endeavors 12″ Compilation, a cut entitled ‘That’s The Fact, Jack’. Whilst Bermuda was a brash, ultra-modern dance floor killer, ‘That’s The Fact, Jack’ is a slower, far sexier affair. It’s a track that rivals it’s big brother in both scope, quality and flare of its swung drum track. Sutherland brings the pace right down whilst keeping with a primarily live feel and an appropriately driving bass line – both elements that mark out his previous releases.

The track really kicks in after the 3 minute 30 mark. A semi-comical breakdown reminiscent of Jurgen Paape’s ‘Ofterschwang’ leads into a synth-led section that calls on the spirit of Sutherland’s improvised live sets – sets which are slowly gaining a reputation due to Sutherland’s fearsome use of the Juno 60. That flair translates neatly into the 4/4 of ‘That’s The Fact, Jack’, leaving a track that takes a near-perfect formula and runs with it with results that both delight and exhilarate.

Harvey Sutherland’s ‘That’s The Fact, Jack’ is available as part of the Voltaire Endeavors 12″ Compilation which is available here.

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