Archie Pelago – Clammy Customer EP

Whether with its parties, releases or swashbuckling b2b sets from co-founders Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter (which have been popularised recently by the excellent collaborative series with Boiler Room), Mister Saturday Night and diversity go hand-in-hand. So much so, that only Anthony Naples has had the pleasure of more than one release since the label’s inception. Until now that is – with acetate fresh from the pressing plant from General Ludd, and Archie Pelago (the latter’s being covered here).

For those not in the know, Archie Pelago are a group of three Brooklyn musicians; Hirshi (trumpet, turntables), Cosmo D (cello, Ableton) and Kroba (sax, Ableton). Their name, unique like the music they make, is a play on words since New York is technically an archipelago, meaning a series of different islands which come together. Previously they’ve released richly layered, delicate tracks which blur the lines between contemporary house music and orchestral arrangements with notable refinement, and have even tried their hand at making music to accompany a video game Cosmo D programmed.

Their latest release – MSN016 – builds from these solid foundations and dispels any preconceptions that a dance-floor packaged 2-track EP shouldn’t be borne out of such origins. This is most clearly evident in the A side ‘Clammy Customer, a 9 minute epic which draws upon a wealth of different sounds, instruments and the vocals of Gabriel Garzon-Montano to create a densely coated composition. Opening with a cello riff, the track quickly moves to a blistering pace, floating Gabriel’s soulful vocals over energetic percussion. Emotive synth, woodwind and piano harmonies all weave in and out, as does a gospel-styled breakdown, all providing richness to the expressive soundscape which never lets up throughout various peaks and troughs. This sonic journey also testifies to the amount of sheer noise and energy that can be created by 3 people – an observation reminiscent of a collective thought process stimulated by Underground Resistance’s phenomenal performance at Dimensions last week.

Madame Suede Nightshade‘, a play on MSN’s initials, takes thing down a notch regarding the sheer volume of sounds exhibited. This means that chosen instruments are given ample time to develop as the track moves through the phases. Cosmo D plays the strings with passion and a degree of melancholy before the track breaks down with churning synths, choppy vocals and percussion taking centre stage. Kroba’s mystifying sax is given the spotlight after an intense build of all the aforementioned elements, before the track closes in an ambient swirl of vocals, instruments and drum machinery. If their name really means a series of islands coming together, Clammy Customer’s finest moments are a manifestation of that ideal through three Brooklynites remarkable musicianship and unity.

Pre-order Archie Pelago’s Clammy Customer EP at the Mister Store.

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