Heard In The Fort: 150 Track IDs From Dimensions Festival 2015


Still blowing the dust from our noses and nursing swollen ankles from too much dancing, we look to the memory of music to keep our spirits high after a week to remember at our first Dimensions Festival.

We were warned about the wonders of the abandoned Fort Punta-Christo before we left, but nothing really prepares you until you’re actually there. From the macro to the micro, it was the best setting for a festival we’ve ever witnessed. Standing at the back of the moat looking down the 100m stretch, lined with speaker stacks and blinded by the lights (more than Mike Skinner ever boasted about). Then there were spots like the 100 capacity Noah’s ballroom, a circular pit, build up by bricks that helps channel the acoustics into a vortex of music.

Highlights are too many, but here’s a few standouts. Gerd Janson finishing our boat party with a 90s classic that never sounded so good. Our news editor reduced to tears as Ben Klock played his final song in the moat. Two hours of rare funk and soul with Jeremy Underground as the sun set on the beach. Tango-ing to the final track of Jeremy Underground and MCDE’s impromptu b2b.

Every DJ who closed a set at Dimensions had to be dragged off in the face of euphoric crowds, and it goes some way to show how enjoyable it was for those either side of the decks. Music is what brought both sides together and so we’ve compiled 150 tracks IDd throughout the week to remind those who were there and help set the scene for those who weren’t.

Special shouts to Raoul Rechnitz, Robin Shaw, Julia Kisray, Joshua Brill, Theo Gentilli, Rhys Thomas, Alex Theodossiadis, Pat Forrester and Matt Blair for their help with IDs.

NB: this list is in no particular order, so we advise listening on shuffle.

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