Floating Points Announces Debut Album

Just as the adrenaline was subsiding in our systems from the thrilling ‘Nuits Sorones‘, Floating Points has just revealed he’s gone and finished an LP, set for release this November.

In addition to revealing the album’s title, Elaenia, FloPo has also posted new track ‘Silhouettes’, set to be the first in a trilogy of tracks featuring on the upcoming release.

‘Silhouettes’ is a sweeping soundscape of strings, accompanied by choral synths which rise and fall like dunes of sand and with a bright cymbal groove, the track feels reminiscent of The Cinematic Orchestra‘s work, complete with ‘Man With The Movie Camera‘ drum breakdown. Flourishes of soft keys, however, establish the track as a FloPo masterpiece, all the elements teasing themselves throughout the radio-length clip, wetting the appetite for the remainder of the album to come.

Elaenia is set for release via Floating Points’ new label Pluto on November 6th. Pre-order it here and receive the Silouhette triology instantly.

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