Monday Morning Mixtape 093: Ex-Yugo Special


Welcome back to a brand new week and extra special edition in our Monday Morning Mixtape series.

As we pack up our things and set off on a sun-drenched voyage to the golden sands of Croatia for Dimensions Festival 2015 and our boat party with Gerd Janson (last few tickets available here), we thought it would be very fitting to do a little digging in the crates beforehand and come up with a locally-inspired mixtape to get us in the mood… and wow! We weren’t prepared for the sheer volume of golden gems we were about to discover from the former Yugoslavia.

Soul takes on a psychedelic air, disco flirts with jazz and funk dives into a torrent of fuzz as we coast through idyllic tones across Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia and further afield within the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Vast catalogues from ex-Yugo labels such as Jugodisk, Jugoton, PGP-RTB and Suzy offer a proverbial treasure chest of grooves that we’re still itching to uncover, but this hour long mixtape should provide you with a perfect introduction.

Special thanks to Jaka Batič, Slobodan Brkic, David Blažević and everyone from Disco Not Disco who contributed to the making of this mixtape. We’ll leave you with something quite compelling from Jaka as we discussed the socio-political context of ex-Yugo music:

“I think that one of great things about the Yugo digging scene is that it sheds light on ex-Yugo cultural production from another angle without the every day ideological, demagogic bullshit. You simply cannot listen to this stuff and say we were living in Stalinism, and on the other hand, if you study the history of bands like Buldožer, you see that the system was very quick in shutting you down if you stuck your nose where it didn’t belong – that’s why the vast majority of this kind of music is apolitical. I could go on, but to put it short, we cannot go living in the past, but we sure as hell are not getting to where we want to be without the knowledge of this past.”

Esma Redžepova – Romano Horo
Jupka Dimitrovska – Šta Je, Tu Je Tekst
Arian – Lutaš Velikim Gradom
KIM – Ljubi Me Brzo, Žurim
Grupa San – Anabela
Zdenka Kovačiček – Volim Te Kao Konja
Josipa Lisac – Nema Sunca (Ain’t No Sunshine)
Jadranka Stojaković – Ko Zna Reći
Josipa Lisac – Život Moj
September – Ostavi Trag
Bisera Veletanlić – Bisera
KIM – Teraj Po Svome
Anelidi – Kad Bi Postojala Žena
Bisera Veletanlić — Tužno Popodne
Ljiljana Petrović – Isplači reku suza (Cry me a river)
Miki Jevremović – Zbogom, Kalifornijo (California Dreamin’)
Indexi – Balada
Gabi Novak – Ponesi
Lola Novakovic – Cekanje
Tihomir Pop Asanović – Plejboj

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