Watch RA’s Origins Film On Hieroglyphic Being & Chicago House Scene

In the latest edition of RA’s collaborative Origins film series with SONOS, Chicago’s rough-and-tumble character is uncovered through the life of Jamal Moss aka Hieroglyphic Being.

Growing up against the backdrop of an impoverished Chicago ghetto, Jamal’s need to break out become paramount when he reached the early age of 16. A troubled family, adoption, bulling and homelessness were all factors that led Jamal down a raw path as an “urban refugee”, sleeping rough and initially taking refuge in peripheral house clubs on the outskirts of Chicago just for warmth in winter.

Yet this is not a story of anguish and grief but an incredible narrative of hope, as Hieroglyphic Being committed himself to escape everything through his surrogate family of music. House became his home, clubs become his friends and a survivor began to thrive.

Watch the full episode above, and head here to see other episodes in the RA x SONOS Origins film series.

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