Suzanne Kraft’s Favourite Audio/Visual Combinations

suzanne kraft 2

Diego Herrera is a man of many talents and guises. Linchpin in LA electronic band Pharaohs, and also partial to more menacing dance floor numbers as Dude Energy, it’s his Suzanne Kraft alias that is familiar to most. The lo-fi house and disco that became a feature on Gerd Janson’s Running Back took on a more fragile beauty this year for Melody as Truth, but either way a strong balearic groove runs through the Kraft craft.

Before touching down on the Thames tomorrow for ReviveHer’s Open Air, Herrera has put together a playlist of some favourite videos where the visual is as important as the audio. Some inspired picks here!

A Fat Cat On A Treadmill Under Water
Maybe someone out there can help out with this one – what is this song? Both musical and lyrical content so perfectly match our protagonist’s aquatic surrounding and longing in his (or hers) eyes.

Todd Rundgren – Born To Synthesize (Midnight Special 2-75)
Killer video synth accompaniment to perhaps my favorite Rundgren song. If the date is correct I believe this is an actual live performance (as some quick research tells me that The Midnight Special only resorted to lip-synched performances later in its run on television.)

John Whitney-Matrix III
Keeping in the video-synth vein, here’s a work from John Whitney very nicely paired w/ an excerpt from Terry Riley’s ‘A Rainbow In Curved Air.‘  Probably the most entrancing video in this quick pick, wether watching or listening (but it’s best to do both of course.)

3D Carpet Man’s Experimental Ballet
Ceephax – master of acid, sweaters and video (see any of his impressive self-made music videos for further joy.) It’s a short one but I think it’s a good note to end on and also features that timeless proclamation from Lou Gramm.

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