Ruf Dug – Shoreline

Ruf Dug might be from Manchester, but his time spent in Sydney attending squat raves and immersing himself in the city’s antipodean scene is easily recognisable on ‘Shoreline’, one of the standout cuts from his forthcoming album Islands. Ruffy’s propensity to raw, dance-floor orientated tracks is abandoned here in favour of a crisp and atmospheric sound that owes more to 10cc and analogue synths than to anything recognisably club-friendly.

Ruf Dug heads up his own label, Ruf Kutz, which specialises in limited release vinyl. In the past he’s dabbled in labels such as Popular People’s Front and Unknown To The Unknown. Those past releases show a keen ear for sampling and a healthy disregard for copyright law. His work is always tapered by a zany sense of humour and disregard for the ultra-modern and serious. ‘Shoreline’ exemplifies this and is a worthy addition to Ruf Dug’s fast growing repertoire.

Ruf Dug’s Islands LP is out now via Music For Dreams.

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