Acasual ‎– Spring Theory Remix EP

It’s been two months since clips of the Move D remix of Acasual’s ‘Spring Theory‘ surfaced online and we wrote a preview pertaining to its 10” release on Blind Jack’s Journey. Now this slab of dreamy house music sees the light of day, and as the quickly removed preview implied, good things come to those who wait.

Blind Jacks usually breaks low profile artists to a wider audience, so David Moufang’s inclusion in the roster is as unexpected as it is welcomed. He delivers an up-tempo reimagining using Acasual’s aqueous synth arrangement to drive the mix full steam ahead. His synths play a more propulsive part than in Acasual’s composition, blending each component effortlessly into a territory more pensive than Move D’s dance-floor oriented remix. Textbook markers identify the German maestro; the heavily reverbed, low synth work at the beginning carry shades of ‘Silk Dub‘ (from the 2006 EP Silk & Shmoove), and the Do Da Doo vocals provide an obvious differentiator from the Luxembourgian’s original – transforming the playful to emotive as only he knows how.

Flip over, and label head-honcho Luv Jam steps up to the plate to deliver his ‘Summer re – nip’. A beautiful white marbled effect around the centre circle accompanies his slow, trippy offering. It again places that gorgeous harmonic rhythm as the focal point of the track, but instead of using it to drive forward, the synth work sits back in the mix, drawing your attention to other intricacies which compellingly mesh together into a rich soundscape. Though it works within the same tempo range as much of Andrew Cole’s productions, its ambience and patience allow each detail ample time to breathe and drift in and out of consciousness, differentiating it from Cole’s usual style affectionately referred to as ‘dream house’. Ultimately, both pieces are blueprints of how to walk the tightrope of imitation, assimilation and evolution that face any remixer – a balance fine-tuned over 2 illustrious and lengthy careers.

Acasual’s Spring Theory EP (remixes) is out now on coloured vinyl via Juno.

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