Jack J – New Years Eve 2013

It may not have the grandiose feel of ‘Something On My Mind’ or the anthemic quality of his latest releases ‘Thirstin’‘, but Jack J returns once again to showcase his natural instinct for melody with ‘New Years Eve 2013’. Under the alternative moniker C’est Life, Jack J brings all the familiar elements we expect from a tune of his; those warm inviting basslines, the languid guitar licks and a sense of looseness we don’t usually associate with house music.

It may not make you lose your shit at 4am in a club, but like all other Jack J tunes, it’s a breeze slice of loveliness which will make you feel that everything will be alright after all.

C’est Life’s (Jack J) ‘New Years Eve 2013’ is forthcoming on Future Time Records V/A – Vibe 3 compilation. Pre-order here.

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