Hidden Spheres – Waiting EP

From Palms Trax to palm trees, Lobster Theremin‘s newest sub-label Distant Hawaii switches things to the summer sound, dropping their first release from Manchester producer Hidden Spheres. Four sun-kissed cuts dashed with sultry vocal snippets and jazzy Rhodes ease you from a daydream by the beach to boogie in the basement in one sweeping wave.

Waiting‘ floats in with conga rhythms, blissed out keys and cheerful ‘woos’ layered over a simple yet effective beat. A breakdown smattered with strings and touches of glockenspiel gives way to smooth female tones as you drift off wistfully into your own thoughts.

Upsn Downs‘ and ‘Be A Man‘ move proceedings more towards the club. Biggie’s moans punctuate scattered synth melodies and, along with the ever-present dreamy chords, punchy basslines and fuzzy percussion give these cuts a more sundown tinge. Still, Hawaii is never too distant, with subtle white noise softly mimicking the island’s ocean swell.

Rounding off the EP, ‘Bill Loves You’ cuts up woozy piano loops over textured hats, clicks and claps with the occasional brass flutter. The acid line undulates with the tide and as the full vocal sample breaks you’re hit with the final dramatic wave of the EP.

All in all Hidden Spheres has found that perfect balance between utilising samples and organic instrumentation, jazziness and dreaminess. In doing so creating a Hawaiian vibrancy that distances itself from the Lobster Theremin catalogue conventions in all but quality control. Serious tip!

Hidden Spheres’s Waiting EP is available to buy now via Bandcamp.

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