Marquis Hawkes’ Top 10 LP’s Left In His Record Bag From Last Weekend

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With a string of house-oriented 12″s for labels such as Dixon Avenue Basement Jams and Clone and Crème Organization, Berlin-based producer Marquis Hawkes has put his hands on everything from soulful vocal cut-ups to jacking drum-machine jams. Now signed to the fabric-affiliated imprint Houndstooth, his Raw Materials EP dropped a few months back to widespread DJ and radio support.

Alongside his production, Hawkes’ DJ sets have won over fans far and wide with their all-encompassing yet coherent nature, with his standout performances at The Zoo Project, Ibiza and Dimensions Festival in Croatia being particular highlights of the last year. In that vein, Marquis has allowed us a rare look inside his vibrant record bag to see what rarities are lurking.

Listen to his list as a Youtube playlist alongside accompanying words from the DJ/producer below.

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1. T.S.Monk “Freak Flight” (Sunshine Sounds)

Obscure boogie funk thing I picked up at Oye Records in Berlin last year, originally recorded in 1979 but unreleased until 2014, limited to 400 copies, of which I am lucky enough to have one of them.

2. Sound Stream “Bass Affairs” (Sound Stream)

I always liked Frank Timm’s output as Soundstream, but this one stands out as my favourite. It’s kind of very functional for a disco cut up rather than being more on the soulful side, but it’s very useful for upping or lowering the tempo, it’s a great tool to get me where I want to go in my sets.

3. Jay Daniel “Karmatic Equations” (Wild Oats)

Part of the new wave of Detroit, this double pack on Kyle Hall’s Wild Oats imprint oozes that kind of authentic dusty funk usually only put together by people like Theo Parrish. You can sit down and listen to this one on a Sunday afternoon too, it’s nice 🙂

4. Dennis Ferrera Feat K Brooks Snr “Change The world” (King Street)

Great summery latin flavoured house thing which definitely doesn’t do it by the numbers, and feels like something much much older, belying it’s 2006 release. And DEFINITELY a track for Ibiza, in my mind at least anyway.

5. Super_collider “Take Me Home” (Loaded)

Cristian Vogel and Jamie Lidell get together in the late 90s to produce this blistering slice of nu-skool p-funk, which just sounds like nothing else around. If you love Parliament Funkadelic, you’re gonna love this, although it seems to have upped the ante somewhat throwing some kind of bizarre experimental techno vibe into the mix. I actually layered this up with Daft Punk “Burning” last weekend at IBoat in Bordeaux as my last two tracks at the end of my set, and the place went ballistic. Strong stuff!

6. Borrowed Identity “Boogie Down” (Stripped and Chewed)

My good friend and colleague Borrowed Identity, actually gave this to me some time ago, but I didn’t really play it for a while and kind of forgot about it, however, in recent weeks while messing around in the studio I rediscovered “Boogie Down”, which is a great dusty sounding house track, and have been playing it out since.

7. Tyrone Davies “To Slam Trax EP 1” (Dance Mania)

One of the more obscure, lesser known records on Ray Barney’s classic Chicago label, Dance Mania, found this in The Record Loft in Berlin during a recent digging session. It seems to be lesser in demand especially as there is not a single YouTube clip in existence of any of the trax. Four cuts of sleazy, blown out ghetto house. Beats which sound like they are abusing the speakers they are being played on, and crude vocals, make up this must have little known classic.

8. Nebraska “Stand Your Ground” (Mr Saturday Night Records)

Something much more recent, which I picked up at Hard Wax, a store I frequent from time to time. I’ve been playing “Emotional Rescue” quite a bit recently, great disco house track.

9. Blaze “Found Love” (West End)

Another recent Record Loft find, again, on a latin tip, with arguably one of the best melodic structures I’ve ever come across in a house record, in fact it’s been stuck in my head for the past 4 to 5 weeks, it’s that hooky, although I’ll admit, it’s a bit like marmite, people either love it or hate it. Myself, obviously, I love it.

10. D.J. Funk #1 “The Original Video Clash” (Dance Mania)

Yet another Record Loft find, I have to say, I was so made up to find this record in there as I’ve been looking for it for something in the region of 15 years, in particular, for the track “Jerk It” which featured on the Urban Substance Dance Mania mix, mixed by Robert Armani. I’ve been slowly trying to piece together pretty much every track from that mix, as I think it contains some of the best Dance Mania material. Again, raw, brash, kinda ugly, but with a thread of funk running through it which is undeniable.

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