Henry Wu – Good Morning Peckham EP

What a year it has been so far for Rhythm Section International, and their latest release from South London beat maker extraordinaire Henry Wu continues the trend of killer releases from the label.

There is little doubt that Wu is one of the most exciting producers in the UK right now, and with well-received releases on the funked-out family imprint 22a and Berlin-based label Odd Socks, he has really been stamping his authority in 2015. His brand new offering – Good Morning Peckham – sees the south London producer stepping firmly into the limelight with 6 masterclass tracks showcasing his seemingly effortless deep melodies and woozy sounds.

Kicking off the EP is ‘Dubplate Special’, a deep house-jazz fusion track where funky rifts transcend you to dizzying heights and root you in a hazy beat-filled utopia. ‘Croydon Depot‘, one of the highlights on the EP, sees Wu take to the mic over a scintillating deep house backing topped off with cosmic space keys. The track transports you straight to lazy, hot and sticky days and encapsulates Wu’s off-centre signature style the most, truly highlighting his worth as a multi-talented composer and producer. Wu also graces the mic introducing ‘Neezy (wok)‘, where underlying broken-beat house rhythms provide comforting loops interjected with some of Wu’s signature sounds. Centred around an unhurried style, ‘Yellow Brick Road‘ flits between house and jazz influences to create a comforting hypnotic ensemble, leaving you in a saturated state.

Everyone will have a different personal favourite, it’s that kind of EP. In classic Wu form each track is very hard to pin down, always making it a pleasure to listen to whatever your mood. What will Wu do next? Well, we’re not sure but we can’t wait to hear it.

Listen to Henry Wu’s Good Morning Peckham EP in full and purchase now over on Bandcamp. Catch Henry Wu (live with three keyboards) on 15th August at Canavan’s Peckham Pool Club for Rhythm Section. More details here

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