Omar Souleyman’s Favourite Female Arabic Singers


Omar Souleyman has come a long way since he began his musical career as a wedding singer in his hometown of Tell Tamer, Syria. His musical talent has transcended from the strong native audience he enjoyed at home to a now global fan-base in love with his blend of Arabic, Turkish and electronic music, a fan-base that was blown away by Wenu Wenu in 2013 and waited eagerly in anticipation for his recently-released second studio-album Bahdeni Nami

The traditional ‘dabke’ sound of his new album has been met by the production of several world-class producers, including previous collaborator Four Tet, Gilles PetersonModeselektor and Legowelt. However, the dabke-electro sound that propelled Souleyman onto stages world-wide has not been lost but instead reigns through the LP via virtuoso keyboard work from Souleyman’s long-time collaborator Rizan Sa’id, and his own voice of course.

In line with his new album, Omar has chosen seven of his favourite tracks from three legendary female Arabic female singers, whom whilst don’t feature directly in Omar’s music, are a great and constant source of inspiration to him.

Omar Souleyman’s Bahdeni Nami is out now via Monkeytown Records

Fairouz – Bektub Esmak Ya Habibi

Fairouz – Habaytak Bissayf

Fairouz – Sakan Al Leil

Fairouz – Kefak Enta

Oum Kalthoum – Salou Qalb

Oum Kalthoum – Al Atlal

Dalida – Salma Ya Salama

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