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Back in the early 2010’s, when we were just getting our heads around the concept of going to clubs and dancing to loud music, Church at Corsica Studios were there to put a gentle arm around our shoulders, ushering us into the safe haven of house music. One half of said outfit, now also a very on point label, is Seb Wildblood.

Taking a few years to get things right with Church, he’s recently stepped out to push his own productions of warm, hazy, downtempo house, with releases on MadTech, Skint and Church. For his debut album, he’s gone the DIY route, releasing on the newly-formed catalogue number SW. A few tracks have started to surface and we’re dead impressed so invited Seb in for a mix and interview, looking at the history of Church, his new album and some musings on music in London.

Seb Wildblood’s debut album Foreign Parts will be out July 31st and is available to pre-order right now over on iTunes.

You’ve spoke about club culture having a big influence on you initially getting into electronic music. Is there anything more technical about the music that appealed?

I’ve always been drawn to the feeling a track can create. Obviously the functionality of track is really important, however what I’m looking for is a mood, or a moment. Breaking the rules whilst sticking to them is important for me when producing, I enjoy having the boundaries dance music creates for you and trying to be as creative as possible within that.

What was it that prompted you to make the next step and actually start producing yourself? 

I’ve always messed around with music, playing guitar, in bands etc. when I was younger, production just seemed like a natural progression, I was getting into DJing and just wanted to make some tracks I could play out so started experimenting.

Are you religious at all? Either way, have you every thought how god might view someone who uses a place of worship as a symbol for debaucherous underground subculture?

I’m not particularly religious no, however funny story… Dom & I both got Church tattooed on our arms after a night out 3 or so years ago. I’ve been asked twice this month already (pretty much every month) why I have it, the first by an uber driver with rosary beads hanging off his mirror, another by a homeless man who’d snuck on the bus. It’s always a tricky one to explain, so I’m just rolling with it now. ‘Yep I go to Church’.

Looking at your album now, you can hear bits of Efdemin and Pantha Du Prince running through the album. What were you listening to when you were making Foreign Parts

A few people have mentioned Pantha Du Prince to me, it’s funny I actually hadn’t really listened to much of his stuff until I started getting feedback on the album. I do see where it’s coming from though. Efdemin’s always been a favourite so that’s a real compliment for me. It’s hard to remember exactly what I was listening to as I was writing over quite a long period of time, I think I’d just discovered the Giegling stuff which may have crept into one track in particular, aside from that, I’ve been enjoying everything happening in Vancouver, maybe that crept into ‘Gunvor’. At the time of writing the majority of the record I was feeling pretty down, I was living myself and had cut myself off a little, the melancholic atmosphere it’s got throughout is a result of that time, I’m really nostalgic listening back. I wanted the LP to have a really coherent feel from start to finish so used a very similar palette of sounds for each track, the stuff I’m making now is a little different as I’ve got a few new bits of gear and am in a completely different head space.

What made you decide to release the album on your own label & will SW be a place just for your own music?

The album was actually signed by another label, I was sending stuff to and from for the best part of a year. For one reason or another it fell through. There was talk of doing a couple of EP’s with it however I had it all finished and was geared up get it out this summer. So with some help, I decided to launch a new cat number and do it myself. SW isn’t necessarily a label; it really is just a cat number to house some of my releases on, not ruling anything out in the future though. Although I maybe could have done it on Church, I think it’s important to take a back seat when it comes to your own label, it wouldn’t be fair if I chucked it to the top of the release schedule and delayed other releases.

As a solo artist, releasing your own music on your own label, is it important to detach yourself from the creative process, to try and view your work objectively? If so, how do you do it? 

Super important, with this particular release I got the quality control from someone else as I was sending the tracks back and forth to the label it was initially set to come out with. With the Church stuff all tracks have to go through 3 pairs of ears, obviously Dom & I firstly, we also now also have a friend helping us out too who’s great on the A&R side of things, shouts to Jake.  

With this being a London Spotlight, let’s focus on the Capital for a bit. What are your thoughts on the state of London music at the moment?

I’m based in South East London, as you probably know it’s a bit of a bubble, but that’s what I enjoy about it… It’s thriving and really exciting to be apart of. You’re surrounded by creative friends, be it producing, running parties, blogs, labels, radio stations everyone is involved at some level, even those who just enjoy the parties…

Where are some of the places you go to buy, listen to, or just experience music?

I’m one of a small team of programmers at Corsica Studios, so that’s my club of choice for sure, aside from that I love dance tunnel, really special place to play and great to party too.

What’s your favourite Church in London?

St Giles Church, Camberwell.

Who’s doing good things for London music at the minute you’d like to shout out?

Rye Wax, YAM Records & Rhythm Section are doing it for me.

Are there any up-and-coming, local DJs and producers you think we should keep an eye out for?

Laurence Guy, FYI Chris, Hollick, Apes, Chaos in the CBD.

Aside from the Church massive, I really enjoy Gabriel Szatan’s radio show, great in-depth nice selections. There’s also a guy called Elysia who works at Rye Wax, he hasn’t had anything out yet but killer DJ & from what I’ve listened to he’s a really interesting producer too. Also, T.Esselle is one to look out for; his release on Wholemeal Music is well worth checking out!

Tell us a bit about the mix you made for us [when/where you recorded it, the idea behind it, any standout tracks]

It was recorded it at home on my flatmates set up, I wanted to include a good few tracks from the label, there’s 5 forthcoming tracks in there that should all be out by the end of the year, maybe creeping into next… It’s a pretty accurate reflection of the type of stuff I’m playing out at the moment too. I wanted the mix to be transferrable to different situations, so hopefully it can be enjoyed wherever. That’s something I definitely had in mind whilst writing the LP too.

What’s do you have planned for yourself and Church over the next few months?

The LP lands on July 31st, and I’ve just finished my follow up EP, hoping to get that out as SW002 early autumn. Aside from that there’s loads going on with Church, forthcoming releases from Project Pablo & Wolfey, Chaos in the CBD, Apes, Viers, Ishmael & lot’s more.  Really looking forward to playing this year’s Farr Festival too, line up is incredible so can’t wait for that one…  

Mix tracklist?

Project Pablo – Hiber Nation *Forthcoming Church*
Fort Romeau – New Wave (Ghostly)
Apes – Vanilla Ice *Forthcoming Church*
Linkwood – Ignorance Is Bliss {Live Mix} (Firecracker)
NAP – Don’t Forget The Records (1080p)
Moodcut – Stuck In Socks (Nous)
Minor Science – Foggy Situation (Trilogy Tapes)
Smallpeople – Blissful Limbo (Smallville)
Chaos In The CBD – Latin Tingaling *Forthcoming Church*
Project Pablo – Fuss (1080p)
Mall Grab – Can’t {Get You Outta Mind} (Unreleased)
Viers – Hiroshi Kano *Forthcoming Church*
Ishmael – That Piano Track *Forthcoming Church*
Mosey – Tuff Times (Future Times)

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