Premiere: Jupiter Jax – Road Rage

Coming off of LA-based label 100% Silk‘s latest compilation Sunset Silk, today we bring you the premiere of Malta-based producer Jupiter Jax‘s heady dance cut, ‘Road Rage’. The whirling track epitomises the sound that 100% Silk have come to sculpt; strong hypnotic dance music with an almost juxtaposed sultry majestic side. The kind of dance music that would float you blissfully into battle.

The compilation as a whole is pretty outstanding. Listening to it whilst sitting at the table was actually a real struggle. Alongside ‘Road Rage’, After Hour‘s remix of ‘True Breath’ by Sapphire Slow deserves a mention. This wickedly sultry track feels like a throwback to the take-it-slow trip-hop sound of Massive Attack. Another of Sapphire Slow’s remixed tracks, ‘Spin Lights Over You’ (Strategy’s Deep Portland Remix), is another highlight we recommend checking out. All in all it’s decidedly divine (alliteration seems to be the thing on this compilation).

100% Silk’s compilation release Sunset Silk is available to buy on limited edition cassette and digi now. 

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