Premiere: Hamish Balfour – Light in the Dark (ft. Frida Mariama)

We were first introduced to the gorgeous work of Hamish Balfour (under alias Tiny Cornelius) through music-bank K15 last year on the track ’Somethings On My Mind’ (ft. Frida Mariama); and now we’re no less stunned upon hearing his latest ‘Light in the Dark’, which only continues to get better with every listen. Plying his trade as a session musician, touring and gigging for numerous jazz bands for the last ten years, it’s clear that it has been instrumental in developing Hamish’s sound. This came following training at Birmingham Conservatoire in classical piano and percussion, and alongside his gigging Hamish has also laboured on the production side of things, releasing tracks on London based ISM records.

‘Light in the Dark’ simply aches soul. Balancing dark textures from eerie doppler effect piano strikes and scattered-yet-ordered bass with the irresistible vocal tones of Frida (of Native Dancer), Hamish couldn’t have named the track anything more suitable. Mirroring the sombre jazz tones of Richard Spaven whilst capturing an infectious groove of an adept beat maker, Balfour’s merging of musical elements beautifully supported by Frida’s impressive vocal dexterity will have many hoping there’s more to come…sooner rather than later we hope!

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