Jabu feat. Chester Giles – ‘Slow Hours’ (Official Video)

Jabu are two of the most promising names to surface from Bristol’s warped dalliance with dubstep. As members of the diverse Young Echo collective, the duo produce some of the city’s most exploratory music. With ‘Slow Hours’, out on Bristol imprint No Corner, they cement their position as principal beat makers of the rag-tag collective.

After a 12″ for Ramp Records last year, ‘Slow Hours’ marks the pair’s auspicious return to the local label, a follow-up to the cassette that helped launch the imprint. Amos Child and Alex Rendall’s track sounds like the product of a series of fervent late night hip-hop listening sessions. Traditional soul beats are torn apart and restitched again to produce a looping drum track. A sleepy spoken word piece from chester giles sits lightly on top of the composition and Rendall contributes a breathy vocal in the chorus, that offsets the ominous tone of the cut with a melancholy tinge.

‘Slow Hours’ is a track that sounds familiar, but not because of any unoriginal content: more so because of its dreamlike quality. As the name suggests, this one is perfect listening for the twilight hours.


‘Slow Hours’ will be released on No Corner on June 10.

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