Premiere: Thorsteinsson – 7 Minutes

Ahead of release next week, we’re delighted to premiere the title track from Danish producer Thorsteinsson‘s upcoming EP on Monologues. After initially making an impact on the label with his podcast of original material, Thorsteinsson delivers two new productions tinted with a retro sheen.

With its logical title, ‘7 Minutes’ gives nothing away initially. Pressing play could produce anything. Once it waddles into action, several different sounds are quickly introduced as the listener is drawn into its acidic lattice. Cool chords underlie fiery modular synths, while the beat lumbers along, the kick drum lagging as if played with a loose pedal. The clumsy percussion contrasts with other layers to give the track an organic feel, a jam with a jagged edge and charming imperfections. As the track picks up pace, its trance is abruptly broken, as we are given no more than ‘7 Minutes’, just as Thorsteinsson promised.

‘7 Minutes’ is out now via Monologues Records. Buy the single here.

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