Blind Jacks Journey to release remix EP for Acasual’s ‘Spring Theory’

Often cited by musicians is the effect surrounding has on creative output. The artists that Andrew Cole, aka Luv*Jam, draws on for his vinyl-only record label Blind Jacks Journey are admittedly from around the globe, yet their mesmerising music and inconspicuous profiles clearly reflect Knaresborough (the picturesque town in North Yorkshire where the label is based). In fact, the connection is apparent even from its name, borrowing it from local historical legend Blind Jack Metcalf, who astonishingly built 18th century roads in the North of England without the ability to see.

Moving swiftly to present day, Cole and BJJ have cultivated an appreciative audience in a short space of time. Before a recent spate of represses, EPs were fetching as much as £99, especially impressive considering the relative obscurity of the roster. Though selecting a favourite track from these releases is an unenviable task, Acasual’s ‘Spring Theory‘, taken from Dream House Volume 1.3, characterises the spirit of Blind Jacks Journey. An aqueous chord progression washes into infectious claps, with no element driving onwards, creating a dreamy atmosphere typifying the labels sound.

It seems wholly appropriate therefore, that Acasual’s track should be the one to receive the remix treatment on a super limited 10” that’ll allegedly be coming out later this year. We can’t reveal any more details for now, but we’re told the remixers are highly noteworthy. We’re pretty sure that these won’t stick around for long – fingers on the buzzers people.

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