Six Tracks that Reveal Fouk’s Inner Nerd


Fouk combines the musical minds of old school friends and individual groovemakers Hans Peeman and Daniël Leseman. Despite the project’s infancy, the Dutch duo are quickly gaining recognition for their jazz-flecked soulful house sound. Off the back of their recent second EP, which cemented their laidback style of production, we were curious about their influences. Underneath the “cool” exterior of their productions, the Fouk boys revealed their inner nerd, something they claim every DJ and producer harbours at their core. Whether they are giddy about gear, crazy for chords or frothing over facts, Fouk let their inner nerd out to play as they select six of their geeky favourites.

Fouk’s latest Kill Frenzy EP is out now on Heist Recordings. Catch Fouk playing b2b all night with Detroit Swindle at Bristol’s Old Crown Courts this Thursday (4th June).

Chaka Khan – ‘A Night In Tunisia’
Chaka Khan is one of the classic greats. Her version of ‘A Night In Tunisia’ is especially great. The chords progressions – check out the bit around 3:29 – make this perfect music nerd porn. Oh, and a Moog bass line!

Steely Dan – ‘Peg’ (+ the Peg documentary)
This one is actually more Daniël’s baby, he was watching the making of Peg (and the whole album, Aja) documentary and this track is very well produced. They do sound really clean in their production style (which is quite the opposite of what we do as Fouk, haha). The ‘Making of‘ is a definite must-see, filled with studio and production porn, and bad hair styles.

Roy Ayers – ‘Everybody Loves the Sunshine (Demo)’
This might seem like a very obvious choice when picking out something by Roy Ayers for this playlist, but those chords, man! Those chords!

Snarky Puppy – ‘Lingus’
From their recording at Kytopia Studios in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Filled with lots of fapworthy gear and more importantly, fantastic musicians! You have to listen to the whole track, but from this part on gets us pretty worked up. Those keys, daaaaaaamn!

Universal Robot Band – ‘Disco Trek’
It’s disco, it’s Star Trek. Need we say more?

An extra bonus (for the Dutchies)…
For that extra early 2000s call girl vibe, this was a commercial which was on TV all night when we came back from a night out. We came across it again a while ago on YouTube, which ended up with us singing this all day in the studio. Not sure if this was the most productive day.

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