KON – Who Shot Ya EP (w/ Thatmanmonkz Remix)

For the seventh release on his Star Time label, KON (a.k.a King of Nothing) delivers the lastest version of a track with an impressive genetic lineage. Tackling Michael Jackon’s 1978 cover of Bob Marley’s ‘I Shot The Sheriff’, the Boston-based producer crafts a slow-swung disco edit, with the familiar, wailing vocals from the King of Pop’s cut, chopped and sprinkled throughout. The rack retains thick instrumentation, barely coming up for breath from behind the deep bassline which plods along throughout.

Evolving the track further, Thatmanmonkz adds a housier spin, more contemporary than the vintage feel of Kon’s edit. The harsh hi-hats are still a staple of the track’s shuffle, while the strings are allowed to come to the foreground, breaking through like the sun through a cloud of cymbals.

Both tracks feature on Kon’s latest ‘Who Shot Ya / Inhuman Nature’ EP, which is out now on Star Time.

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