Butch’s Five Favourite Sounds To Drop Acid To


While being supremely enigmatic, Butch also manages to remain in the public eye more successfully than most. Born in Alzey and now based in Mainz, Bülent Gürler currently holds a residency at Berlin’s Watergate, while releasing on labels as diverse as Cocoon, Desolat and even Ricardo Villalobos’ Sei Es Drum imprint. Diversity crops up in his DJ sets as well, which is maybe why his popularity endures so far into his career. Here, Butch gives us a very mind-expanding view into what influences him, while he’s under the influence.

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The ocean waves
This can be one of the most beautiful experiences. Just listening to the waves roll and roll; the sound just washes through you. Every breaking wave is unique and still perfectly in tune with a greater harmony and rhythm. Mind blowing.

On a warm day, go for a walk in the woods and just listen to the birds. Find a clearing in the forest you are in and just let the birds work their magic on you. It’s worth it, you’ll see.

Beatles – ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
The classic. No one cares if the reference to LSD was intentional or not, it is there and it fits. Love this song.

Jefferson Airplane – ‘White Rabbit
Another classic. Alice in Wonderland inspired both ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ and this song. I guess that is the real LSD trip, even though the nineteenth-century author, Lewis Carroll, obviously never took any synthetics. I actually prefer shrooms to LSD, and maybe those were around at the time and responsible for Carroll’s stories.

Funkadelic – ‘Maggot Brain
One of my favorite tunes ever. It alone takes you to outer space, but tripping, it lets you leave this galaxy and has you return, if at all, being fluent in thirty languages not spoken in this solar system. George Clinton and Albert Hofmann – thank you!

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