Premiere: Paxton Fettel & Takuya Matsumoto – Afloat on a Sea of Nothing

For a while now we’ve been rubbing our hands together in anticipation for Paxton Fettel‘s debut album. Everything Stays The Same LP is the third in a growing list of fine releases that Fettel has produced on the small and humble yet reputable label, Greta Cottage Workshop.

Our pick from Everything Stays The Same is ‘Afloat on a Sea of Nothing’ (w/ Takuya Matsumoto) of which we are pleased to give you the first listen.If you are not already familiar with Fettel’s finely tuned ear for bass lines and perceptive sense of atmosphere, this track displays them both, flaunting the seamless collusion between Fettel and Matsumoto. Cupid’s definitive arrow is found in Fettel’s ability to create deep, danceable, early morning tracks, all of which we have deeply fallen for. Led by a jazzy bass riff, ‘Afloat on a Sea of Nothing’s backline keeps the track bouncing, while warped synths maintains the balance and distant echoes provide an overarching air of serenity.

Everything Stays The Same LP is out on 25th May via Greta Cottage Workshop. Keep eyes peeled and ears tuned for a Paxton Fettel mix for us, coming soon…

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