Bicep – Just

Irish duo Bicep have always pushed electronic music with one foot in the past and one foot firmly in the future, be it through their retro-influenced productions, or their infamous blog. With their stylistic inspirations laid bare for all to see, it’s noticeable how their recent output has been crafted by the eclectic range of genres that are so prevalent in their DJ sets.

The Just EP, released on UK powerhouse Aus Music, is no different, with the title track stealing the show. Clearly routed in homage to Detroit with a downbeat electro groove that sets the tone early on, ‘Just’ comes into its own with impassioned synth lines and a longing vocal sample whispering “you’re just the same” throughout. However, this emotive peak-time tune doesn’t stop there with pulling the heartstrings, as a tightly sequenced synth pattern darts through the track. Tension is everything with ‘Just’, and Bicep play with the constituent parts in the most subtle manner possible, making sure to keep the listener engaged till the last sorrowful note.

Grab the vinyl of Just EP on 25th May via Aus Music.

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