Stamp TV: Record Shopping with Justin Carter & Eamon Harkin of Mister Saturday Night

Before playing for Just Jack in Bristol last month, we went record shopping with Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter of Mister Saturday Night. Idle Hands was the location for this vinyl-loving adventure and we took the occasion to quiz the guys on their digging habits and pick out some records that caught their eye.

Check out the full list below. We’ve included Idle Hands links where possible, but some have since sold out!

1. I.A. Bericochea – Wake Up EP (Idle Hands)

2. Roman Flügel – Sliced Africa EP (Dial)

3. Cee-Lo Green – Cee-Lo Green…Is The Soul Machine LP (Arista)

4. Anthony Naples – Body Pill LP (Text)

5. Slum Village – Fan-tas-tic Vol. 1 (Ne’Astra Music Group)

6. Phil Moffa – Attempt No Landing EP (The Corner)

7. Sauce81 – Natural Thing / Bustin’ EP (Eglo Records)

8. Fit Siegel – Carmine EP (Fit Sound)

9. Floating Points – Shadows EP (Eglo Records)

Thanks to Chris Farrel at Idle Hands for opening his doors. Thanks to Eamon and Justin for the stories and wisdom. Thanks to Robin Shaw (Just Jack) and Katie Louden (Rest is Noise) for help making this happen.

Catch Eamon and Justin in London on 14th June for Mister Sunday with Black Atlantic. 


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