Jam City – Proud

Clicking through the endless pop-ups on Jam City’s website to get to the single ‘Unhappy’ does enough to clarify that the follow-up LP from London producer Jack Latham carries the same, if not more, political gravitas as his Night Slugs debut, Classical Curves. Where Classical Curves had shown the aggressive carrot and stick of capitalism with its razor sharp club music, Dream A Garden doesn’t so much plunge us into the midst of the chaos; rather it offers an escape from the vanity of today.

The album’s closing track, ‘Proud’, is the perfect example of the dulcet indie tone of Dream A Garden. Its soulful twangs and submarine bleep enchant us into Latham’s garden. Latham’s barely audible vocal “I tried to make a deal, to show you I’m proud” is both temperate and compassionate. Two virtues that the album seeks to represent as a solution to our modern day pressures.

Dream A Garden LP is out now on Night Slugs, available from Juno and most other online outlets. Catch Jam City at the ICA in London (5th June), as part of his Europe-wide album tour. All dates available on Resident Advisor.



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