Gunnar Haslam – Poshlost

Following Mister Saturday Night’s hugely successful string of releases last year that were compiled into the Brothers and Sisters CD/LP collection, the New York-based label cracks into their 2015 roster with an EP from local talent, Gunnar Haslam.

Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom’ and ‘Mirrors & Copulations’ continued to exhibit Gunnar’s preference for the dark and wistful, yet within the swathes of his fuzzy soundscapes lay the occasional heady warehouse filler. ‘Poshlost’, taken from the upcoming Margareten EP, is one such beast. The hazy keys dancing in the distance and searing brass maintain Gunnar’s typically hypnagogic style, while the expansive claps and all-too-familiar pattering of drums (see ‘Cloud Castle Lake‘) bridge the gap between bedroom trance and dancefloor euphoria.

‘Poshlost’ features on the Margareten EP, and is accompanied by the strictly ambient ‘Replacement’ and the acid jam ‘Margareten’. The release is set to drop in early May alongside the Stand Your Ground EP by fellow MSN student, Nebraska.

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