Denis Sulta’s 5 Favourite Tracks He Stole From His Friends

After listening to, and loving his conceptually sound L.A. Ruffgarden EP, we wanted to find out a little more about Denis Sulta’s musical relationship with his hometown of Glasgow. He was quick to confess to pinching some of his favourite tracks from those around him, something we’re all guilty of. However, what we gleaned from him is that Glasgow was a wonderful place to grow up for dance music. Here, Sulta picks his favourite tracks that he stole off his mates, some of them so good that we’ll be adding them to our own list of the same name.

Denis Sulta plays for comm•une at London’s Dance Tunnel this Friday alongside Raw MT and Asquith. Click here for full event and ticket information.

Jackie Moore – ‘This Time Baby’
One of the Rubadub bossmen, Aleks (aka Line Idle, aka Orpheus Choir, aka Zod, aka DJ Nice One) has always been a major influence on my musical direction. He keeps it all very low key, but is responsible for some fucking amazing records. We made a plan to work on some edits together, and one day he came into work and played me this edit he did of a Jackie Moore tune. It’s one of the best edits I’ve ever heard. I’ll share it with you in Dance Tunnel this Friday. Here’s to you, Aleks. DJ Nice One!

Kraak & Smaak – ‘Back Again ft. John Turrell (Hot Toddy Remix)’
I had heard this loads in town. We have a lot of amazing disco guys that play at a bar/club called Max’s La Cheetah in Glasgow. I was adamant that I’d heard the notorious Craig Moog drop this one time, but I didn’t bother my arse to find out what it was. About two weeks ago, Josh Bear of the Stay Fresh collective gatecrashed a party at the Sub Club and, in a frenzied state, forgot to take his USB stick home. So I took it home, found this tune and bumped it. Cheers, Josh!

Dennis Ferrer & Jerome Sydenham – ‘Timbuktu’
There is a group of guys in the city who run a very successful night called Offbeat. Three of the nicest party guys I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Not too long ago, they put on a secret party in the West End of Glasgow which was held in a cool little basement/flat type place, and it was totally rammed. Towards the end of the night, I just remembered hearing this synth line and being like, ‘omfg thats ridiculous!’, so I stole it from them. Apparently they had booked DJ Sotofett a couple of months before and stole it off him though, so it’s sound.

Format #1 – ‘Solid Session’
Now the thing to remember here is that there aren’t that many records I own that weren’t in someway influenced by Jackmaster. Growing up into dance music while he was playing in Glasgow so regularly was a godsend. I worked in a shoe shop for a while, which I didn’t enjoy much, but they let us put our own tunes through the system during the day, and the other guys I worked with liked good shit. When Jack’s Essential Mix came out, we had it on several times a day pretty much all week, and this was the tune that always stood out. I always have – and always, always will – love this track.

Container – ‘Application
This last piece comes straight from the bag of Dixon Avenue Basement Jams label boss, Dan Monox. It was Rubadub’s 20th birthday party at Club 69 in Paisley. A hazy night for sure, but I could never forget Dan playing this one. I turned away for literally about two seconds and, when the synth line came in, I turned back. He was taps aff and the entire place was going absolutely wild! God almighty, this track fucking bangs. I owned it for a while, but too much of a pansy to play it. Maybe one day. Big up Dan every time for bringing the place down with this one.

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