Parker Madicine – Mazimuth

Detroit has always had a large say in the electronic music, so it is always a special moment when one of the city’s labels smiles upon a talent on this side of the pond. We saw it with Kyle Hall signing K15 to his Wild Oats label last year and now we have another from the often overlooked source that is Italy.

Milanese, Diego Montinaro aka Parker Madicine, is the only Italian artist in history to have a release under Carl Craig’s Planet E label. Having heard his latest Layers EP for Brooklyn based label Bastard Jazz, we can see why. ‘Mazimuth’ exudes Montinaro’s deep love for golden age hip hop. The smokey synths later tuned up into disco stabs give it a raw glow of mid 80’s boogie that combined with a fervent, glitchy arpeggio. It makes it as infectious to step to as one of the very golden oldie’s that inspired it.

Layers EP is out now on Bastard Jazz, available from their Bandcamp


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