Local Artist – Feelings

Hailing from Canada, the latest release from the Mood Hut-affiliated Local Artist on Rhythm Section International is a real statement piece. The whole EP is a wonder to listen to, with the title track ‘Feelings (Digital Dub)’ a particular highlight. Pure dub vibes take hold immediately with frayed bleeps, echoing drums and heavily saturated spaced out sounds cutting deep through the track. Slow house rifts accompanied by atmospheric dub sirens slowly accumulate as the track builds, and the quality of production becomes clear. Local Artist’s approach on ‘Feelings’, lifted from the sound system days where delays and sires where common place, sees dub take on a new form here. He plants his feet firmly where few had trodden before, occupying the grey area between dub, house and techno. Fans of Rhythm & Sound take note.

Feelings EP is out now on Rhythm Section and available from Bandcamp

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