Premiere: John Barera & Will Martin – High Tide

Hailing from Boston, and having held respective club residencies in Brooklyn, New York, both Martin and Barera have pioneered an accessible, bouncy sound of house and techno. Despite having both released solo efforts, their collaborative productions have cemented them as two peas in a singular creative pod. Off the back of their debut Graceless LP last year, they began to play live sets together. Now they present a pounding four-track EP for Argot this month.

‘High Tide’ is our pick of the bunch. Without wasting any time, the track rolls into action, layers of light percussion juxtaposed with a heavy thudding kick. A bright synth sparkles in the distance, reminiscent of ‘Blaff‘ by Telephones, before the hi-hats bring more definition to the beat. As the synths establish themselves, the bouncy bass line has already jumped in. ‘High Tide’ is a certified fist pumper that we look forward to hearing as we rapidly approach festival season.

ARGOT013 is out now via Argot, and available to purchase from Red Eye Records.

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