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Hailing from Wellington, New Zealand, exciting two-piece Electric Wire Hustle (Mara TK and Taay Ninh) have built their name on forging a fresh sound that challenges our preconceptions of music’s genre-centric boxes. The colourful array of flavours in their own work – creating a twist on modern hip hop, psychedelic and soul – can only be inspired by a full body immersion in all walks of musical life. This comes primarily from discovering music, and what better way to do it than crate-digging, whether it be forgotten classics or upcoming gems.

In celebration of Electric Wire Hustle’s London gig this weekend, aptly on Record Store Day, we chatted with Mara to get a feel for record shopping in his hometown of Wellington, NZ. He explains, “Rough Peel Music [pictured above] is my spot on Cuba Street. It has many new-school releases such as Flying Lotus, SBTRKT, D’Angelo, Conan Mockasin, as well as some new country music releases, new singer-songwriters, a healthy stock of electronic dance music and a pretty good back catalogue of jazz, soul, R&B and popular music classics. Also worth a look is their New Zealand music collection. Happy digging!”

Catch Electric Wire Hustle live this Saturday for Soundcrash at Oslo Hackney.

‘All Day’ – Kanye West
There is no other pop star in the world that socks it to the establishment as direct and uncut as Ye, and I will always respect him for the that.

‘Alright’ – Kendrick Lamar
To me, this record highlights how inseparable America and religion are. Even as Lamar breaks out of so many other paradigms, the church is still one of the deepest defaults in American music. I fucing love this record by the way, don’t get it twisted.

‘Till It’s Done (Tutu)’ – D’Angelo and The Vanguard
D has converted many guitarists into piano players over the years, but with this album, he’s also done the reverse. This track makes everyone want to play the guitar.

‘Six Degrees (feat. Danny Brown)’ – BADBADNOTGOOD and Ghostface Killah
The dope three-piece from Toronto, team up with Ghost (a.k.a Tony Starks) for this Sour Soul LP, released in 2015 with some heavyweight guests including MF Doom, Tree (ever heard a cooler rapper than this dude?) and Danny Brown. Ill!

Turtles‘ – Flying Lotus
From the You’re Dead LP. I love this whole record, a deep trip into right right right now. What planet are we on? What year is it? Who am I? Otherworldliness from the master.

‘A Golden Ladder’ – Electric Wire Hustle
This is our new single from the next record due out in 2015. I’m giving it to y’all right here…

‘Tron Song’ – Thundercat
I really believe that Thundercat and Fly Lo, along with the late great Austin Peralta, are some of our most important artists. It’s dope to see Cat co-writing some huge records for Kendrick Lamar and Kimbra amongst others.

‘Leave A Message’ – Seven Davis Jr
This is too cold. One of the funkiest cats out there today. My homie Riki Gooch from New Zealand (check out his band, Eru Dangerspiel) has a few joints coming out with 7DJR this year.

‘Good Name’ – William Onyeabor
Another masterpiece from Nigeria, this one coming from the enigmatic Onyeabor. His lyrics are very to-the-point and straight forward which I really like. I first heard this record in one of Julien Dyne’s DJ sets, and had to go up to him straight away like a chump and ask, “Who the fuck is this?”

‘Multi Love’ – Unknown Mortal Orchestra
New single from our countryman Reuben Nielson. One of our most interesting songwriters and producers. Shout out!

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