Silk Road Assassins – DeadCell

Silk Road Assassins’ ‘Deadcell’ shimmers with that crystalline glow of futurist grime that is beginning to seep out of new labels Gobstopper, Lost Codes and Glacial Sound. The young British trio of Tom E. Vercetti, Lovedr0id, and Chemist have embraced their inner anime and video game nerd for their Silk Road Assassins project – a name that would sit comfortably among the shelves between your PS2 Final Fantasies and Metal Gear Solids.

The star spangled synths of ‘Deadcell’ flicker and pierce above a resonant melodic line that gives it a tone of uplifting grandeur. In fact, talking of video games, you could imagine ‘Deadcell’s exorbitant tone as a game’s closing score, and perhaps one that fellow grime producer Dark0 could have used in his ‘Music To… Orbit The Moon To’ mix for i-D.



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