Premiere: Ruf Dug – Chatsubo Special

It comes as no surprise that Gottwood Festival‘s venture into a record label would be a roaring success. Aptly named Gottwax, the releases continue the tradition that has made the festival famous – providing the ideal equilibrium between fun and quality. Only a year old now, the label has announced their second release for late April. The limited press 12″ compilation on hot pink coloured vinyl includes tracks by four acts also billed for this year’s festival: Jascha Hagen, Luv Jam, Cottam and – our favourite track to boot – Ruf Dug.

Ruf Dug has truly pulled the rug beneath our feet with ‘Chatsubo Special’. The sounds embedded into the track are ideally the exact essence of what we expect from Gottwood later on this year, making it possibly the first track of 2015 to truly make us excited for the summer’s festival period that is to come. An easily accessible four-by-four time keeps a summery dance atmosphere, while the opening melodic rondo warns us of what is brewing. The show is stolen by the wah-wah-esque synths, which seeps out of the (Gott)woodwork totally seamlessly, glimmering in its climactic brilliance from the 2.5 minute mark onwards. Ruf Dug has outdone himself. Just in time for the dreary British winter to start warming up for special summer moments in amongst the trees, during what’s certain to be the Gottwood family’s most accomplished and anticipated event to date.

‘Chatsubo Special’ features on GOTT002. The record will have a Record Store Day-exclusive release on 18th April, available from selected RSD outlets and on the Gottwax online stockist. The full release will be available from all stores on 4th May. Visit Gottwood’s website for the festival’s full lineup and ticket information.

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