Fit Siegel – Carmine / First Found EP

In 2012, Aaron ‘Fit’ Siegel was granted the enormous pleasure to release his debut super-EP Tonite on Omar S’ FXHE label. Two releases later, he is crafting a rather impressive discography for himself, albeit sporadically.

His most recent release, Carmine, features quite the pair of Detroit-techno inspired cuts. The series of bleep-bloops in second track ‘First Found’ are put together as intelligently as anything on Basic Channel, augmented with seemingly – but probably not – random piano keys (as only a Detroit head would think to do). It makes for a perfect mid-set tension builder, especially with the one-note bassline. I love a good one-note bassline.

The instant add-to-carter of the EP is the title track on the A-side. The satisfaction of finding that truly beautiful techno/house track is occasional (the last one that comes to mind is Reload’s ‘Peschi‘), but the placement of the ridiculously smooth 303 line makes this track one of the highlights of 2015 so far. It would be fruitless to describe all the details of the track. You must listen yourself to truly understand why it’s really, really, really good.

Carmine / First Found EP was released in February of this year via Fit Sound. It is currently unavailable, but you can pre-order it from Piccadilly Records.

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