Glacial – Entropy EP

Greek duo, comprised of techno house producer Giorgio Laimos (DJ Lemos) and experimental saxophonist-cum-comic-book-writer Ilan Manouach, have released the next installment to their Glacial partnership on Six D.O.G.S Records.

Entropy EP follows their self-titled debut on the Hotel Costes series back in 2012, setting the tone for what has been labelled their ‘hardcore lounge’ style. While not being a genre to ever rile the masses – except maybe when played by Villalobos – Entropy inflects this style with more dancefloor sustenance. The whopping fifteen-minute title track opens with a pittance of the industrial that bubbles away creating a haze through which Manouach’s sax wanders aimlessly. It isn’t until the five-minute mark that we welcome the obstinate kick-hat-clap combo, which builds alongside driving horns reminiscent of Ten Walls’ ‘Requiem‘.

On the flip, Stoya stays more faithful to the ‘lounge’ formula and would be the soundtrack to a sunset at a beach bar or a dazed after-party. The sub-aqua synth creates a coastal, frothy shimmer before Manouach’s dramatic entry on the brass, which proceeds to fall into the woozy ebb of before.

Entropy EP is out now, available from the Six D.O.G.S website. The vinyl comes packaged in a resealable aluminium sleeve. Shouts to Edward Antonio (Bade Records)’s Farr Festival mix for putting us onto this.

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