Christian Löffler – York EP

Those familiar with the work of Christian Löffler will know of the German musician’s innate ability to turn out utterly absorbing productions of sombre-yet-euphoric atmospheres. Sharing this semblance, both his debut LP A Forest (2012) and last year’s Young Alaska released on his co-founded label Ki Records, have rightly won the young producer recognition and made him a name worth knowing in the house and techno scenes alike.

York EP is Löffler’s latest masterpiece, which sees him moving away from his own label to release via 2020Vision Recordings during their twentieth anniversary celebrations. A pretty good birthday present if we say so ourselves!

Title track ‘York’ gives off a sense familiarity, like that stranger you see on your daily commute. Large round bass and centered synths make the track slot easily into dancefloor sets. But, when peeling back the layers, and on hearing the intricate interchanging piano trills, building strings amongst eerie voice-like drones make you realise the familiarity is only superficial with striking textures heard underneath.

‘Lhoste’ is even more headphone-friendly. The track seamlessly flows from one phase to the next as a hazy monotone backdrop is lightly dusted with chimes, shakers and woozy vocals.

‘Nordkap’ is almost playful; a gentle sensory reminder of years of innocence gone by (unless you can remember that far back) as sounds of knocking marbles and a sample of coins hitting a table seems to play the role of devil’s advocate. For what much else jingles in one’s pockets these days? This track parades Löffler’s ear for sampling and his ability to manipulate them into orchestral compositions impeccably.

York EP is released 20th April via 2020Visions. Catch Christian’s EP launch this Saturday at Hoxton Basement alongside the Percolate and 2020Visions crews.

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