Concubine – Middle Sister

Concubine is made up of Noah Pred (Thoughtless Music boss) and Rick Bull (also known as Deepchild). It’s a project of pure expression through boundary-pushing musical experimentation with a strong electronic core. Through Concubine, Pred and Deepchild hone their skills and experiences through a journey of techno landscapes to form this collaborative, strongly improvisatory live act.

Their self-titled album explores the ever-evolving-yet-loyal relationship between technology and its natural surroundings. When channeled through questions rather than instructions, the man-made bitstream of data found in Concubine’s performance – whilst emotionless in their very essence – still manage to conjure human thoughts and feelings in the listener.

‘Middle Sister’ is our pick of the bunch. Its deep tech-house feel which is dancefloor-ready is well known to fans of both Pred and Deepchild already. The track strikes a perfect balance between the mechanical and almost elemental sounds embodied by its plethora of staccato notes and the paradoxically organic sounds of the electric guitar lead lines. You can equally get lost by examining the structural elements. Overal, the track is simple, yet if you delve into the intricacies, ‘Middle Sister’ is engrained with complexities underneath its surface. Or, if you’d rather just dance, there are nine minutes of these dark moody grooves to fully enjoy.

‘Middle Sister’, alongside the rest of the album, is available to download for free on Concubine’s site here.

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