Project Pablo – I Want To Believe LP

1080p sits alongside Mood Hut and ASL Singles Club as one of the niche Canadian house labels captivating listeners across the world with their unique style of warm, psychedelic house music. The country’s run of fine form is continued by ASL Singles Club boss Project Pablo, with the release of his debut full length on the 1080p imprint.

Kicking off the LP, ‘Sky Lounge’, ‘Follow it Up’ and ‘Movin’ Out’ (one of the album’s standouts) recall the delicately arranged, balmy jams of another Canadian treasure, Mood Hut’s Jack J. In one of the strongest openings to an album you’ll find this year, all three are characterised by skittering toms, opulent pads and bass lines that could thaw any frozen winter. After a joyous interlude with the shuffling, staccato synth workout of ‘Why Though’, the album takes a moodier tone, with ‘In The Mat’ and ‘The Fuss’. Not quite as fun as their sprightly counterparts, they provide a moment’s pause before we move into the final third.

Nearing the end of the LP, ‘Always’ is the most driving track, as its melodies swirl tempestuously around the jackin’ groove, leading nicely into the emotive uptempo swing of ‘The Feeling’, which playfully toys with a saxophone, grounded by a simple-yet-luscious string element. With ‘It’s Out There’, I Want To Believe ends on the same note as it began; a gorgeous slab of shuffling Balearic which, of course, bears the distinctive touch of the Canadian Riviera. It’s that very same touch that marks out 1080p as being one of the most delightful labels of the last twelve months, cementing Project Pablo at the forefront of the Canadian house music revival with one of the standout house albums of 2015 so far.

I Want To Believe LP is out now via 1080p, digitally and on cassette. Buy now on Bandcamp. For more Project Pablo, check our recent premiere of a forthcoming EP on his label, ASL Singles Club.

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